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Streamlined Onboarding Automation

Streamlined Onboarding Automation

Welcome to the future of employee onboarding with Amivo. We put the power of AI and automation in your hands to transform onboarding processes from burdensome tasks into seamless, engaging experiences. Whether you're a small enterprise or a large corporation, our tailored AI solutions help automate training modules, utilise digital checklists, and create personalized onboarding paths. By leveraging advanced technology, we ensure new hires integrate smoothly, stay engaged, and contribute effectively from day one. At Amivo, we code AI solutions that solve real-world problems and enhance operational efficiency.

Automated Training

Automated Training

Transform traditional training into an automated, interactive experience. Our AI-driven modules enhance engagement, accessibility, and effectiveness.


  • Interactive AI modules
  • Self-paced learning
  • 24/7 access
  • Regular updates
  • Engaging content


  • Higher engagement
  • Improved retention
  • Scalability
  • Consistent training
  • Reduced costs
Digital Checklists

Digital Checklists

Implement real-time, AI-driven digital checklists that ensure a comprehensive and error-free onboarding process. Stay on top of every task.


  • Real-time tracking
  • Seamless integration
  • Dynamic updates
  • Customisable templates
  • Error-free processes


  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Improved compliance
Personalized Onboarding

Personalized Onboarding

Enhance your onboarding with AI-personalized experiences. Customise training paths to meet individual needs, ensuring every new hire reaches their potential.


  • Customized learning paths
  • Role-based training
  • Skills assessment
  • Adaptive content
  • Continuous feedback


  • Higher engagement
  • Faster integration
  • Increased productivity
  • Better employee satisfaction
  • Reduced turnover
Progress Monitoring

Progress Monitoring

Track the progress of new hires with AI-driven tools, providing real-time insights into onboarding status and ensuring everyone stays on track.


  • Real-time dashboards
  • Automated tracking
  • Detailed reports
  • Customizable KPIs
  • Seamless integration


  • Enhanced oversight
  • Accurate tracking
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Improved compliance
  • Data-driven decisions
Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics

Utilise AI analytics to evaluate onboarding effectiveness, with detailed metrics and insights driving continuous improvement and success.


  • Comprehensive metrics
  • Real-time data
  • Actionable insights
  • Customizable reports
  • Trend analysis


  • Informed decision-making
  • Improved processes
  • Enhanced performance
  • Cost savings
  • Ongoing optimization
AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots

Provide 24/7 support for new hires with AI chatbots that answer questions, provide information, and enhance the onboarding experience without additional resources.


  • 24/7 availability
  • Instant responses
  • Learning capability
  • Seamless integration
  • User-friendly interface


  • Immediate support
  • Increased self-service
  • Reduced workload
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Better satisfaction
Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Ensure your onboarding process meets legal and industry standards with AI-driven compliance management, reducing risk and staying up-to-date with regulations.


  • Automated compliance checks
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Customizable alerts
  • Detailed reporting
  • Up-to-date regulations


  • Reduced risk
  • Improved compliance
  • Increased peace of mind
  • Lowered legal costs
  • Enhanced reputation
Feedback Collection

Feedback Collection

Gather and analyse feedback from new hires using AI tools, ensuring continuous improvement based on real insights.


  • Automated survey distribution
  • Real-time feedback analysis
  • Customizable questions
  • Detailed analytics
  • Actionable insights


  • Continuous improvement
  • Increased satisfaction
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Enhanced employee engagement
  • Timely interventions

Onboarding Challenges

What onboarding issues are you facing? Is it time-consuming? Lacking engagement? Let us help.


Manual onboarding processes often require considerable time and resources, delaying the productivity of new hires. Updating and monitoring these tasks only adds to the administrative burden.

Lack of Personalization

One-size-fits-all training materials may not address the unique needs of every new employee, potentially leading to disengagement and lack of retention. Personalised onboarding paths are crucial for effective integration.

Inconsistent Training

Without a standardised process, training can vary significantly from one hire to another, causing knowledge gaps and inconsistencies in team performance. It's challenging to ensure that every new employee receives the same quality of information.

Tracking Difficulties

Monitoring the progress of new employees through traditional means can be cumbersome. It's easy to lose sight of who has completed what, leaving gaps in the onboarding process.

High Attrition Rates

Poor onboarding experiences can lead to dissatisfaction and higher turnover rates. Engaging new hires effectively from the beginning is critical to improving retention and reducing recruitment costs.

If you want your business to sail over these challenges with modern software solutions, then request information or a quote. Our expert AI consultants are here to advise you on the best way to integrate solutions into your business to improve your departments and use of data.

These pain points highlight common issues faced during onboarding: it's time-consuming, lacks consistent and personalized training, difficult to track progress, and often results in higher attrition rates. At Amivo, we solve these issues by coding AI-driven onboarding solutions that address these pain points directly.

Our Capabilities

Discover how Amivo's AI solutions can revolutionise your onboarding process. From manual methods to innovative AI approaches, we cater to diverse business needs.

Task Manual Method AI Method
Training Modules Traditional training involves in-person sessions, printed manuals, and repetitive teaching. It's resource-heavy and often lacks engagement. Our AI-driven training modules offer interactive, online courses that adapt to the learner's pace. These modules are engaging, easily updated, and accessible anytime, anywhere.
Digital Checklists Relying on paper or static digital documents for checklists can result in outdated information and missing steps, contributing to inconsistencies in the onboarding process. AI-enabled digital checklists are dynamically updated and track completion in real-time, ensuring no step is overlooked. These checklists integrate seamlessly into your existing systems.
Personalized Onboarding Experience Manually tailoring the onboarding experience for each new hire is impractical and rarely implemented. It can lead to a generic onboarding process that doesn't meet specific individual needs. With AI, we create personalized onboarding journeys based on role, skills, and preferences, ensuring each new hire receives relevant information and training that maximizes their productivity and engagement.
Progress Tracking Keeping tabs on onboarding progress manually is laborious and prone to error. It's difficult to get accurate, real-time updates on new hires' statuses. AI monitors and tracks each new hire's progress automatically, providing you with real-time dashboards and insights, making it easy to ensure everyone is on track.
Performance Metrics Evaluating onboarding effectiveness manually can be biased and sporadic. It often misses key metrics and doesn't provide an accurate picture of long-term performance impact. AI analytics evaluates onboarding processes with precision, tracking key performance metrics and providing actionable insights for continual improvement.

Success Stories

Seamless Integration

A leading tech company faced challenges with their manual onboarding process, which was time-consuming and inconsistent. They turned to Amivo for an AI-powered solution. We implemented our Automated Training Modules and Personalized Onboarding Experience, tailored to the unique roles within their organization. The result? A seamless onboarding process that reduced the time to competence by 40%. New hires felt more engaged and satisfied, leading to a 30% increase in retention rates. The company also benefited from real-time progress tracking and comprehensive performance analytics, allowing for constant process optimization.

Enhanced Engagement

A global retail brand struggled with onboarding consistency and engagement. The traditional methods were not scalable for their rapid growth. Amivo introduced Digital Checklists and AI Chatbots to their onboarding process. These tools provided 24/7 support and real-time tracking, ensuring every new hire received consistent and personalised training. The AI Chatbots answered frequently asked questions, reducing the load on HR teams. As a result, new hires were better prepared and more confident in their roles, driving a 25% improvement in their engagement scores and lowering attrition rates by 15%. The dynamic digital checklists also ensured all compliance measures were met.

ROI Benefits

How does investing in AI-driven onboarding solutions impact your ROI? Here are some key aspects.

Time Savings

Automated onboarding processes significantly reduce the time required to get new hires up to speed. This translates to quicker productivity and less administrative burden, freeing up resources for other critical tasks.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional onboarding methods are resource-intensive. By automating, you cut down on costs related to training materials, personnel hours, and operational inefficiencies. AI-driven solutions offer a scalable and cost-effective alternative.

Higher Retention

An engaging, streamlined onboarding process improves new hire satisfaction and reduces turnover rates. Retaining employees longer ensures a better return on investment from your recruitment efforts and stabilizes workforce dynamics.

Performance Improvement

With consistent, personalized training and real-time progress tracking, employees are better prepared and more effective in their roles. This leads to enhanced overall performance and achievement of business objectives.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting the right partner for your onboarding automation is crucial. Here's why Amivo stands out.


Our team includes specialists in occupational psychology, coding in multiple languages, business analysis, and project management. We bring a multidisciplinary approach to your challenges.


We understand that every business is unique. Our AI solutions are fully customisable to fit your specific needs and goals, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

Comprehensive Solutions

From initial consultation through to deployment and ongoing support, we offer end-to-end services that cover every aspect of your onboarding automation journey.


We leverage the latest in AI technology to bring you cutting-edge solutions that future-proof your onboarding processes and keep you ahead of the curve.

Proven Results

Our success stories speak for themselves. We have helped businesses across various sectors achieve significant improvements in efficiency, engagement, and retention.

Our Process

Ready to transform your onboarding? Here's how we work with you-from the initial consultancy to ongoing support.



We start by understanding your current onboarding process and identifying areas for improvement. Our experts work closely with your team to gather detailed requirements.



We analyse your existing systems, employee feedback, and onboarding challenges to create a tailored strategy that aligns with your business goals.



Using the insights from our assessment, we design and develop bespoke AI solutions that address your specific onboarding needs, focusing on automation, engagement, and efficiency.



Our team ensures seamless integration of the new systems with your existing infrastructure. This includes data migration, system configuration, and custom adjustments.



We roll out the new onboarding solutions in a controlled manner, providing support and training to your team to ensure a smooth transition. Our process minimizes disruption and maximizes adoption.


Training & Support

We offer comprehensive training for your team, ensuring they are well-equipped to use the new tools effectively. Our support doesn't end there; we provide ongoing assistance and troubleshooting as needed.


Maintenance & Updates

Our relationship with clients extends beyond deployment. We offer continuous maintenance, updates, and upgrades to ensure your solutions remain effective and up-to-date with industry advancements.


Got questions about our onboarding automation solutions? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

AI offers several advantages, including efficiency, scalability, and personalization. By automating repetitive tasks and tailoring onboarding experiences, AI helps improve the overall process, making it more engaging and effective.

The implementation timeline varies depending on the complexity of your requirements and existing systems. However, our structured approach and experienced team ensure timely and efficient deployment, often completing projects within a few months.

Data security is a top priority for us. Our AI solutions comply with industry standards and regulations, ensuring your data is handled with the utmost care and protected against unauthorized access.

Yes, our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. We work with you to ensure smooth data migration and system compatibility, leveraging your current tools while enhancing functionality.

The return on investment can be significant. By reducing manual effort, improving new hire engagement, and standardising processes, our AI solutions can lead to substantial time and cost savings, higher retention rates, and better overall performance.

Get Started

Tell us what you are looking to achieve. Be as functional or technical as you wish. We'll then provide you with a document outlining how we can help and how the project could progress.