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Smart City AI Solutions

Smart City AI Solutions

At Amivo, we are on a mission to transform urban environments using cutting-edge AI technology and bespoke coding solutions. Does your city struggle with inefficient processes, outdated public services, or sustainability challenges? We offer tailored AI solutions that range from small-scale task automation to comprehensive process overhauls and integrations. Our expertise includes Automated Urban Management, Advanced Data Analytics, and Custom AI Dashboards for real-time insights. Empower your city to achieve higher efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the quality of life for residents. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of urban management and stay ahead in the race for smarter cities.

Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Enhance urban mobility with our AI-powered traffic management solutions. Optimise traffic flows and reduce congestion through dynamic, real-time adjustments based on data analysis.


  • Real-time traffic analysis
  • Dynamic signal adjustments
  • Reduced congestion
  • Optimised travel routes
  • Improved emergency vehicle access


  • Enhanced urban mobility
  • Reduced travel times
  • Lower pollution levels
  • Efficient traffic management
  • Greater public satisfaction
Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption

Manage city-wide energy consumption efficiently with AI-driven monitoring and analysis. Reduce wastage and enhance sustainability with precise, data-backed insights.


  • Real-time energy monitoring
  • Predictive consumption analysis
  • Energy-saving recommendations
  • Automated adjustments
  • Enhanced sustainability


  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduced wastage
  • Improved sustainability
  • Better resource management
  • Enhanced energy efficiency
Waste Management

Waste Management

AI-enhanced waste management systems optimise collection routes and schedules, increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs.


  • Real-time waste level monitoring
  • Optimised collection routes
  • Dynamic scheduling
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Enhanced resource utilisation


  • Higher efficiency
  • Cost savings
  • Improved cleanliness
  • Better resource allocation
  • Enhanced sustainability
Public Safety

Public Safety

Implement AI-driven public safety solutions for a safer urban environment. Utilize real-time video analysis, predictive policing, and automated alerts to proactively manage safety.


  • Real-time video analysis
  • Predictive policing
  • Automated alerts
  • Enhanced situational awareness
  • Integrated response management


  • Improved safety
  • Proactive issue management
  • Faster response times
  • Reduced crime rates
  • Increased public confidence
Water Management

Water Management

Utilise AI to optimise city water management. Predictive analytics and data-driven insights ensure efficient water distribution and reduced wastage.


  • Predictive water usage analytics
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Efficient distribution
  • Reduced wastage
  • Automated controls


  • Enhanced water efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved sustainability
  • Better resource allocation
  • Informed decision-making
Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Improve public transport systems using AI. Analyse passenger data, optimise schedules, and provide better services to enhance commuter experience.


  • Passenger data analysis
  • Optimised schedules
  • Route optimisation
  • Real-time updates
  • Enhanced service reliability


  • Improved commuter experience
  • Increased ridership
  • Reduced wait times
  • Optimised resource usage
  • Enhanced service efficiency
Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Utilize advanced AI systems for real-time air quality monitoring. Make informed decisions to maintain healthier urban environments.


  • Real-time air quality data
  • Predictive pollution trends
  • Automated alerts
  • Data-driven decision support
  • Integrated environmental management


  • Healthier urban environments
  • Informed decision making
  • Proactive pollution control
  • Public awareness
  • Improved living standards
Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

Implement smart lighting solutions that adapt to real-time conditions. Save energy and enhance safety with AI-driven light management.


  • Real-time lighting adjustments
  • Energy-efficient LEDs
  • Automated controls
  • Improved public safety
  • Integrated with other city systems


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Enhanced urban safety
  • Cost savings
  • Better public satisfaction
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Urban Challenges

Do you face difficulties managing city operations efficiently? Is sustainability a pressing concern? Learn how Amivo can help.

Operational Efficiency

Many cities struggle with outdated processes that lead to inefficiencies and delays. Our AI solutions automate various tasks, reducing the time and effort required to manage urban operations.

Sustainability Issues

Sustainability is a significant concern for modern cities. Our AI-driven data analytics tools help identify key areas for improvement, enabling more sustainable urban planning and resource management.

Public Services

Ensuring that public services meet the needs of citizens is challenging. Our custom AI dashboards provide real-time insights into service performance, helping to improve responsiveness and efficiency.

Data Management

Cities generate large volumes of data, but often lack the means to analyse it effectively. Our Advanced Data Analysis Tools offer deep insights, enabling informed decision-making.

Resource Allocation

Effective resource allocation is crucial for city management. Our AI solutions optimise resource distribution, ensuring that assets are utilised efficiently.

If you want your business to sail over these challenges with modern software solutions, then request information or a quote. Our expert AI consultants are here to advise you on the best way to integrate solutions into your business to improve your departments and use of data.

In summary, Amivo addresses key urban challenges such as operational inefficiency, sustainability, public service management, data handling, and resource allocation. Through our cutting-edge AI and customised coding solutions, we empower cities to streamline operations, enhance sustainability, and deliver improved public services. Let us be your partner in building smarter, more responsive urban environments.

Our Capabilities

Discover how Amivo's AI-driven solutions transform urban management processes for a more efficient and sustainable city.

Task Manual Method AI Method
Traffic Management Traditionally, traffic management relies on static signals and manual monitoring, leading to congestion and delays. Our AI-powered traffic management systems analyse real-time data to optimise traffic flow dynamically, reducing congestion and improving travel times.
Energy Consumption Manual methods of monitoring and managing city energy consumption are often inefficient and prone to errors. With AI, we provide precise energy monitoring and management, enabling cities to reduce waste and improve sustainability through data-driven insights.
Waste Management Waste collection schedules are typically static and do not adapt to actual demand, leading to inefficiencies. Our AI solutions optimise waste collection routes and schedules based on real-time data, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.
Public Safety Public safety traditionally relies on manual patrolling and static surveillance systems, limiting coverage and responsiveness. AI-driven public safety systems provide real-time video analysis, predictive policing, and automated alerts, ensuring a safer urban environment.
Water Management Current water management practices can be reactive and inefficient, often resulting in wastage and suboptimal usage. Our AI solutions offer predictive analytics for water usage and demand, ensuring efficient distribution and reducing waste.

Success Stories

Traffic Management

In one major city, traffic congestion was a significant problem, causing delays and increasing pollution levels. The city's existing traffic management system was unable to adapt to real-time conditions, leading to inefficiencies. Amivo implemented an AI-powered traffic management solution that analysed live traffic data from various sources, including sensors, cameras, and GPS devices. The system dynamically adjusted traffic signals and provided real-time route recommendations to drivers via a mobile app. As a result, traffic flow improved significantly, reducing congestion by 30% and travel times by 25%. Emergency vehicle response times were also shortened, contributing to better public safety. The city saw a notable reduction in pollution levels, enhancing the quality of life for its residents. This success story highlights the transformative impact of AI on urban mobility.

Energy Consumption

An urban municipality faced challenges in monitoring and managing its energy consumption effectively. High energy waste led to increased operational costs and environmental impact. Amivo deployed an AI-driven energy management system that provided real-time monitoring of energy use across various city departments and facilities. The system utilised predictive analytics to anticipate energy demand, allowing for proactive adjustments to optimise consumption. The AI solution also offered recommendations for energy-saving measures based on historical data and usage patterns. The municipality achieved a 20% reduction in energy consumption and a corresponding decrease in costs. Additionally, the implementation supported the city's sustainability goals, showcasing the effectiveness of AI in promoting efficient energy management.

ROI Highlights

Explore the remarkable ROI from Amivo's AI solutions, driving efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced urban management.

Operational Efficiency

Cities implementing Amivo's AI solutions report significant improvements in operational efficiency. Automated processes and real-time data analysis streamline urban management, reducing manual workload and associated costs.

Cost Savings

AI-driven solutions result in substantial cost savings. Optimised resource allocation, energy management, and waste management contribute to reduced operational costs, freeing up funds for other city improvements.

Enhanced Sustainability

Sustainability is a critical concern for modern cities. Amivo's AI solutions support sustainable practices by reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, and promoting efficient resource use.

Improved Public Services

AI enhances the quality and responsiveness of public services. Real-time insights and predictive analytics allow cities to better meet the needs of their residents, increasing public satisfaction and trust.

Why Choose Amivo?

Amivo excels in delivering AI-driven solutions tailored to the unique needs of modern cities. Here's why you should choose us for your smart city initiatives.


Our team combines expertise in AI, coding, occupational psychology, business analysis, and project management, ensuring comprehensive solutions for urban challenges.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each city is unique. Our bespoke AI solutions are designed to address specific challenges and optimise urban management processes effectively.

Proven Impact

Our success stories demonstrate the transformative impact of our AI solutions on cities. From traffic management to energy optimisation, our solutions deliver measurable results.

Innovative Technology

At Amivo, we leverage cutting-edge AI technology to develop innovative solutions that drive efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced quality of life for residents.

Trusted Partner

We build lasting partnerships with cities, providing ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to ensure sustained success and continuous improvement.

Implementation Process

From initial consultancy to full deployment, Amivo ensures a seamless implementation of AI solutions. Our process includes assessment, development, integration, training, and ongoing support.



Our experts conduct an initial assessment to understand your city's unique needs, challenges, and goals, forming the basis for tailored AI solutions.



We perform a detailed analysis of current urban management processes, identifying areas for optimisation and potential AI applications.



Our team designs and develops bespoke AI solutions, ensuring they align with your specific requirements and deliver optimal results.



We seamlessly integrate AI solutions with existing city systems, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum compatibility.



We provide comprehensive training for city staff, ensuring they are proficient in using AI solutions to manage urban processes effectively.



Our ongoing support includes regular updates, system maintenance, and troubleshooting to ensure the sustained performance of AI solutions.


Continuous Improvement

We work closely with city officials to monitor the performance of AI solutions, making necessary adjustments and improvements to meet evolving needs.


Find answers to some of the most common questions about our Smart City AI Solutions.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It refers to computer systems designed to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as decision-making, pattern recognition, and data analysis.

AI benefits cities by automating processes, optimising resource use, enhancing public services, improving operational efficiency, and promoting sustainability. It provides data-driven insights that contribute to informed decision-making.

The cost varies based on the scale and complexity of the AI solution. At Amivo, we offer tailored solutions to meet your city's specific needs, ensuring a cost-effective approach. Contact us for a detailed quote.

Data is managed with the highest level of security and privacy. We use advanced encryption and secure data storage methods to handle and analyse data, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Yes, our AI solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing city systems. We ensure compatibility and minimal disruption, allowing for a smooth transition and effective operation.

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