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Proposal and Bid Automation Solutions

Automate Sales Proposals

At Amivo, we specialise in coding AI solutions that streamline the creation and management of sales proposals, bids, and RFIs (Requests for Information). Are you tired of spending countless hours on repetitive and tedious tasks involved in proposal writing? Imagine a world where your proposals are not only automated but also more accurate, compelling, and tailored to each client. Whether you need a small automation solution for specific tasks or a comprehensive overhaul of your entire proposal process, we are here to deliver. Our team integrates advanced AI and machine learning to enhance productivity, reduce errors, and increase your chances of winning bids.

Draft Automation

Draft Automation

Reduce the time spent on drafting proposals by leveraging AI to automate the content generation process. From pre-built templates to custom content blocks, we have you covered.


  • Pre-approved templates
  • Custom content blocks
  • Automated content insertion
  • Consistent formatting
  • Time-efficient


  • Faster proposal creation
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Consistent quality
  • Improved accuracy
  • Higher productivity
Data Integration

Data Integration

Streamline data extraction and integration processes using AI. Ensure your proposals contain the most up-to-date and accurate information effortlessly.


  • Automated data extraction
  • Seamless data integration
  • Real-time updates
  • Accurate information
  • Reduced errors


  • Improved data accuracy
  • Efficient data management
  • Reduced manual tasks
  • Consistent information
  • Enhanced data integrity


Automatically personalise each proposal to meet client-specific needs and preferences, increasing the likelihood of winning the bid.


  • Dynamic content adjustment
  • Client-specific customization
  • Improved relevance
  • Enhanced engagement
  • Time-saving


  • Higher engagement
  • Tailored proposals
  • Increased win rate
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Faster proposal turnaround
Compliance Check

Compliance Check

Ensure all your proposals meet regulatory and compliance standards effortlessly with our AI-driven compliance checks.


  • Automated compliance scanning
  • Regulatory checks
  • Consistent reviews
  • Speedy processing
  • Reliable accuracy


  • Reduced risk
  • Ensured compliance
  • Faster approvals
  • Consistent quality
  • Peace of mind
Final Review

Final Review

Utilise AI to conduct comprehensive final reviews of your proposals, ensuring they are error-free and of the highest quality.


  • AI-driven review
  • Error detection
  • Quality assurance
  • Speedy verification
  • Suggestions for improvement


  • High-quality proposals
  • Reduced human error
  • Faster review process
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Consistent high standards
Document Management

Document Management

Organise and manage all your proposal documents effortlessly with AI-powered document management solutions.


  • AI-organised storage
  • Efficient retrieval
  • Version control
  • Secure storage
  • Easy sharing


  • Organised documents
  • Quick access
  • Version tracking
  • Enhanced security
  • Collaboration made easy
Real-Time Collaboration

Real-Time Collaboration

Enable seamless, real-time collaboration on proposals with AI-driven solutions, ensuring all team members are on the same page.


  • Real-time editing
  • Collaboration tools
  • Access control
  • Instant updates
  • Version history


  • Team synergy
  • Up-to-date proposals
  • Improved communication
  • Efficient collaboration
  • Reduced conflicts
Analytics and Insights

Analytics and Insights

Gain actionable insights into your proposal process with advanced analytics powered by AI. Make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and success rates.


  • Performance analytics
  • Trend analysis
  • Custom reports
  • Visual dashboards
  • Predictive insights


  • Actionable data
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Improved process
  • Greater transparency
  • Higher success rates

Your Challenges

Are you struggling with time-consuming and error-prone proposal processes? Does managing multiple bids feel overwhelming?


Crafting each proposal manually can take hours, if not days. This not only takes your team away from more strategic tasks but also slows down your overall sales cycle.


Manual processes often lead to inconsistencies in proposals. This can be detrimental, especially when clients notice discrepancies, potentially damaging your credibility.

Human Error

Even the most meticulous teams are not immune to human error. Missed details or calculation mistakes can cost you the bid, impacting your bottom line.


The sheer amount of resources needed to churn out high-quality proposals is staggering. This can strain your team and your budget, reducing overall efficiency.

Scalability Issues

As your business grows, scaling your manual proposal processes becomes increasingly challenging. This makes it hard to keep up with rising market demands.

If you want your business to sail over these challenges with modern software solutions, then request information or a quote. Our expert AI consultants are here to advise you on the best way to integrate solutions into your business to improve your departments and use of data.

Manual proposal processes come with a myriad of challenges including time consumption, inconsistencies, human error, resource intensity, and scalability issues. These pain points can significantly hamper your business growth and undermine your efforts to win more bids. But what if there was a way to turn these challenges into opportunities? With Amivo's AI-driven proposal and bid automation solutions, you can overcome these hurdles and transform your proposal process into a seamless, efficient, and highly effective operation.

Our Capabilities

Amivo offers a range of AI-powered solutions designed to streamline and enhance your proposal and bid processes.

Task Manual Method AI Method
Drafting Proposals Traditionally, drafting proposals involves manually researching, writing, and formatting documents. This often involves pulling in different teams for content and consolidating the information, which can be cumbersome. Our AI tools automate the drafting process by leveraging pre-approved templates and content blocks. The AI analyses the bid requirements and populates the proposals with relevant, accurate information, saving you time and effort.
Data Extraction Manually extracting data from various sources to include in proposals can be time-consuming and error-prone. It often requires cross-checking with multiple databases and spreadsheets. Our AI extracts and integrates data from various sources efficiently and accurately. Using natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, the AI identifies and pulls the relevant data, ensuring precision.
Customization Personalising each proposal to meet client-specific needs involves manual adjustments, often reworking the content to better fit each client's criteria. Our AI solutions allow for seamless customization. They can adapt the content dynamically based on client profiles and past interactions, ensuring each proposal is tailored to the client's unique needs.
Compliance Check Ensuring that proposals meet all regulatory and compliance requirements usually involves multiple reviews and a lot of back-and-forth among team members. AI-driven compliance checks automate this process by quickly scanning proposals for compliance with regulatory standards. This not only saves time but also ensures accuracy and reduces the risk of penalties.
Final Review Human reviewers go through each proposal to catch any last-minute errors. This step often introduces bottlenecks as multiple layers of review are required. Our AI tools conduct an exhaustive final review, identifying errors, suggesting improvements, and ensuring consistency across all sections. This speeds up the review process and enhances the quality of your proposals.

Success Stories

Major Efficiency Boost

A leading enterprise in the manufacturing industry faced significant challenges managing their proposal processes. Each proposal required numerous manual steps involving various teams, which was time-consuming and prone to errors. After partnering with Amivo, they implemented an AI-driven proposal automation tool. This solution used AI to generate initial drafts, integrate data, and ensure compliance-all within moments. The results were astounding. Proposal creation time was reduced by 60%, and the win rate increased by 20%. Managers reported increased efficiency, and team members were freed up to focus on more strategic work. This transformation allowed the company to submit more proposals, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

Reduced Errors, High Accuracy

An international consulting firm was struggling with inconsistencies and errors in their proposal documents, which was impacting their reputation and success rates. They chose Amivo to implement AI-powered proposal solutions. By automating data extraction and compliance checks, the solution ensured that all information in the proposals was accurate and up-to-date. Not only did this eliminate human errors, but it also improved the consistency and quality of their proposals. Within the first quarter of implementation, the firm saw a 30% reduction in proposal errors and a 15% increase in successful bids. The solution provided them with the reliability they needed to maintain their standing as a market leader.

ROI of AI Automation

Understand the significant return on investment (ROI) that AI-powered proposal and bid automation can bring to your business.

Time Savings

Automating the proposal and bid process significantly reduces the time required to draft, review, and submit proposals. This allows your team to focus on more strategic initiatives and increases overall productivity.

Cost Reduction

Reduction in manual effort directly translates to cost savings. With fewer resources required for proposal generation, you lower operational costs while maintaining or even enhancing quality.

Higher Success Rates

AI-driven proposals are more accurate and tailored, improving your chances of winning bids. Even a slight increase in your win rate can lead to substantial financial gains.

Enhanced Scalability

AI solutions grow with your business. As you take on more bids, the automation tools seamlessly scale to handle increased workloads without compromising on quality or speed.

Why Choose Us

Discover why Amivo is the ideal partner for your AI-driven proposal and bid automation needs.


Our team comprises experts in AI, coding, and business analysis with deep industry knowledge. We bring a wealth of skills to automate and optimise your proposal processes effectively.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each business is unique. That's why we provide bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring maximum compatibility and effectiveness.

Proven Track Record

Our solutions have a proven track record of enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and increasing win rates. Clients across various industries trust our expertise and technology.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation through implementation and ongoing support, we are with you every step of the way. Our comprehensive approach ensures a smooth transition and continuous improvement.

Innovative Technology

We leverage the latest in AI and machine learning technology to provide cutting-edge solutions. Our innovative approach ensures your business stays ahead of the curve.

Implementation Process

Our seamless implementation process ensures you get the best out of our AI-driven proposal and bid automation solutions, from initial consultancy to ongoing support.



We begin with a thorough consultation to understand your current processes, pain points, and objectives. This helps us design a solution that best fits your needs.


Needs Assessment

Our team conducts a detailed needs assessment, identifying areas of improvement and potential for automation. This forms the basis of our proposal and bid automation strategy.



We develop a customised solution by integrating AI and machine learning technologies to address your specific needs. Our development process is collaborative, ensuring alignment at every step.



Our team ensures seamless integration of the solution into your existing systems. We make sure that everything works harmoniously, minimising disruptions to your operations.



Once integrated, we deploy the solution and conduct comprehensive testing to ensure everything functions optimally. We also provide initial training to your team for a smooth transition.


Training and Support

We offer thorough training sessions to ensure your team is fully equipped to use the new system. Additionally, we provide ongoing support to address any issues and provide updates.


Ongoing Maintenance

Our relationship doesn't end at deployment. We provide continuous maintenance and updates to ensure your system stays up-to-date and continues to deliver optimal performance.


Browse through our frequently asked questions to learn more about our proposal and bid automation solutions.

Automating proposals saves time, reduces errors, and increases the likelihood of winning bids. Our AI-driven solutions streamline the entire process, allowing your team to focus on strategy and client relationships.

We recognise that every business is unique. That's why we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team will work closely with you to ensure our solution fits seamlessly into your existing processes.

The implementation timeline varies depending on the complexity of your requirements. Typically, the process takes between a few weeks to a couple of months, including consultation, development, integration, and training.

Yes, comprehensive training is part of our implementation process. We ensure your team is fully equipped to use the new systems effectively, providing ongoing support to address any queries or issues.

We provide end-to-end support, from initial consultancy and needs assessment through to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Our team is always on hand to offer assistance and make updates as required.

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