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Amivo's Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

At Amivo, we're dedicated to transforming businesses through cutting-edge AI technology and bespoke code solutions. Founded in 2023, we strive to understand, optimise, and enhance business operations, delivering actionable insights and streamlining tasks and decision-making processes. Our mission is to empower businesses with high efficiency, reduced costs, and increased innovation and productivity. Whether handling small code projects or full process overhauls, our AI coding and consulting services aim to solve your problems and drive your company forward. Partner with us to navigate the complexities of modern business landscapes and stay ahead in the competitive market.

Task Automation

Task Automation

Amivo offers task automation solutions that streamline repetitive processes. Our AI-powered tools are designed to execute tasks faster and with higher accuracy.


  • Fast execution
  • High accuracy
  • Customisable
  • Resource efficiency
  • Scalability


  • Reduces operational costs
  • Frees up staff for strategic tasks
  • Improves task reliability
  • Enhances productivity
  • Easily scalable for any business size
Data Analysis Tools

Data Analysis Tools

Our advanced data analysis tools process large datasets quickly, providing you with precise insights and actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions.


  • Advanced analytics
  • Real-time processing
  • Actionable insights
  • User-friendly
  • Custom reporting


  • Quick, reliable insights
  • Better decision making
  • Reduced analysis time
  • Enhanced data utilisation
  • Customisable reports to fit needs
KPI Tracking

KPI Tracking

Our custom AI dashboards track KPIs in real-time, offering an accurate picture of your business performance and helping you make timely adjustments.


  • Real-time insights
  • Custom dashboards
  • Data visualisation
  • Scalable solutions
  • User-friendly interface


  • Improved decision making
  • Better tracking of performance
  • Timely adjustments
  • Enhanced data visibility
  • Scalable to business needs
Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

Our AI-driven solutions continuously monitor and analyse your processes, identifying optimisation opportunities that lead to better efficiency and cost savings.


  • Continuous monitoring
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Cost savings
  • Custom solutions
  • Scalable


  • Reduced operational costs
  • Improved process efficiency
  • Quick identification of issues
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics tools harness AI to anticipate trends and outcomes, providing timely insights that enable proactive decision-making.


  • Trend analysis
  • Outcome predictions
  • Real-time insights
  • AI-driven
  • Custom reports


  • Proactive decision-making
  • Anticipate market shifts
  • Gain competitive edge
  • Timely insights
  • Enhanced strategic planning
Custom AI Solutions

Custom AI Solutions

Amivo provides custom AI solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring seamless integration and maximum impact within your business operations.


  • Tailored solutions
  • Seamless integration
  • High scalability
  • Robust performance
  • User-friendly


  • Fits your unique needs
  • Easy to integrate
  • Scalable with business growth
  • Reliable performance
  • Designed for ease of use
AI Consulting

AI Consulting

Our expert AI consulting services help you understand the potential of AI in your business and design strategies for effective implementation.


  • Expert advice
  • Strategy planning
  • Custom solutions
  • Scalable recommendations
  • Comprehensive analysis


  • Informed decision-making
  • Better understanding of AI
  • Custom strategies
  • Scalable solutions
  • Comprehensive insights
Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence solutions offer deep insights into your operations, helping you uncover opportunities and optimise performance.


  • Deep insights
  • Data integration
  • Customisable
  • Advanced analytics
  • Scalable


  • Improved decision-making
  • Uncover hidden opportunities
  • Customised to your needs
  • Enhanced performance
  • Scalable to business requirements

Facing Challenges?

Are you facing inefficiencies in your business operations? Looking to enhance data accessibility? Amivo understands these challenges and offers tailored AI solutions.

High Costs

Struggling with high operational costs? Amivo's solutions help automate repetitive tasks, reducing the need for labour-intensive processes and cutting down expenses significantly.


Operational inefficiencies are holding you back. Our AI solutions streamline your processes, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business.

Data Overload

Do you have too much data but no actionable insights? We build advanced data analysis tools that turn raw data into meaningful metrics for better decision-making.

Lagging Behind

Feel like your business is falling behind competitors? With our cutting-edge AI technology, we ensure you stay ahead by continuously optimising your operations.


Navigating complex modern business landscapes is challenging. Amivo simplifies this by offering customised AI dashboards for real-time insights and KPI tracking.

If you want your business to sail over these challenges with modern software solutions, then request information or a quote. Our expert AI consultants are here to advise you on the best way to integrate solutions into your business to improve your departments and use of data.

Facing high costs, inefficiency, data overload, lagging competition, or business complexities? Amivo tackles these pain points head-on. Our AI-powered solutions are designed to cut costs, enhance efficiency, turn data into actionable insights, keep you ahead of the competition, and simplify complex business processes. Let us help you achieve smoother operations and increased profitability.

Our Capabilities

At Amivo, we provide top-notch AI solutions that cater to various business needs. From task automation to advanced data analysis and custom dashboards, our offerings are designed to improve efficiency and drive growth.

Task Manual Method AI Method
Task Automation Manually handling repetitive tasks takes time and costs money. These tasks can be error-prone and tedious, consuming valuable resources that could be better utilised elsewhere. Our AI-powered automation tools take over repetitive tasks, executing them faster and with higher accuracy. This frees up your team to focus on more strategic, value-adding activities.
Data Analysis Manually analysing large datasets is cumbersome and often fails to uncover meaningful insights due to human error and biases. Our advanced AI data analysis tools process vast amounts of data quickly, providing you with precise insights and actionable intelligence to drive informed decisions.
KPI Tracking Tracking KPIs manually can be inconsistent and fails to offer a real-time picture of your business performance. Our custom AI dashboards track KPIs in real-time, offering an accurate picture of your business performance and helping you make timely adjustments.
Process Optimisation Manually identifying and optimising business processes is time-consuming and often incomplete, missing opportunities for improvement. Our AI solutions continuously monitor and analyse your processes, identifying optimisation opportunities that lead to better efficiency and cost savings.
Predictive Analytics Predicting business trends manually is not only tough but also prone to inaccuracies. The insights often come too late to be of any use. Our predictive analytics tools harness AI to anticipate trends and outcomes, providing timely insights that enable proactive decision-making.

Success Stories

Efficiency Boost

A large corporation struggling with inefficiencies in their operations approached Amivo. We implemented our task automation tools, transforming their manual, repetitive tasks into automated processes. The result? A 40% reduction in operational costs and a 50% increase in efficiency. This significant enhancement freed their team to focus on more strategic initiatives, driving growth and innovation within the company. The tailored AI solutions provided real-time insights and KPI tracking, enabling them to make timely, data-driven decisions. The impact was profound, marking a substantial turnaround in their performance metrics, and setting a new standard for their industry.

Enhanced Data Insights

A mid-sized company facing data overload contacted Amivo with the need to derive actionable insights from their vast datasets. Our advanced data analysis tools empowered them to process and analyse data quickly, uncovering critical business insights that were previously hidden. This resulted in an 80% reduction in the time spent on data analysis. Furthermore, the precise insights provided allowed them to make informed decisions that significantly improved their market positioning. The custom AI dashboards provided continuously updated metrics, keeping them ahead of trends and enabling proactive adjustments to their strategy based on real-time data.

ROI Benefits

Investing in Amivo's AI solutions guarantees a strong return on investment. Our solutions not only streamline your operations but also drive profitability and growth.

Cost Savings

Implementing our AI solutions results in significant cost savings by automating repetitive tasks and optimising processes. This reduction in operational costs directly contributes to an improved bottom line.


Our AI solutions enhance efficiency by streamlining processes and providing real-time insights. This results in faster task completion and better utilisation of resources.

Competitive Edge

With real-time insights and predictive analytics, our AI solutions help you stay ahead of market trends and competition. This proactive approach drives strategic planning and decision-making.

Revenue Growth

By enhancing operational efficiency and providing actionable insights, our AI solutions enable businesses to increase productivity and revenue, driving overall growth and success.

Why Choose Us?

At Amivo, our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart. Our expertise in AI and coding ensures we deliver solutions that drive real business impact.


With deep knowledge in AI and coding, our expert team crafts solutions tailored to meet your specific business needs, ensuring optimal performance and impact.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our solutions are custom-designed to fit your specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration and maximum benefit.


We stay ahead of the technology curve, leveraging the latest advancements in AI to provide cutting-edge solutions that keep you competitive in the market.


Our relationship doesn't end with deployment. We offer ongoing support, ensuring your solutions perform optimally and continue to meet your evolving needs.

Proven Results

Our track record speaks for itself. From cost savings to efficiency boosts and revenue growth, our solutions have consistently driven success for our clients.

Implementation Steps

Our implementation process is seamless and thorough, from initial consultancy to ongoing support. Here's how we do it:



We start with an in-depth consultancy to understand your business needs, challenges, and goals. This helps us tailor our solutions to fit your specific requirements.



Our team performs a comprehensive assessment of your existing processes and systems. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and integration points.



Based on the assessment, we develop custom AI solutions designed to solve your specific problems and enhance your business processes.



We integrate the developed solutions into your existing systems, ensuring seamless integration and minimal disruption to your operations.



Once integrated, we deploy the solutions across your organisation, ensuring they are fully operational and deliver the desired outcomes.



We provide comprehensive training to your team, ensuring they can effectively use the new solutions and fully leverage their capabilities.



Our relationship doesn't end with deployment. We offer ongoing support, including maintenance and updates, to ensure your solutions continue to meet evolving business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers. Here are some of the most common questions we receive about our AI solutions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field of computer science that focuses on creating systems capable of performing tasks that normally require human intelligence. These tasks include understanding natural language, recognising patterns, and making decisions.

AI can help your business by automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency, providing actionable insights from data, and predicting trends. These capabilities lead to cost savings, better decision-making, and increased competitiveness.

Absolutely. AI solutions can be customised to fit businesses of all sizes. From automating simple tasks to providing advanced data analysis, AI offers significant benefits regardless of the scale of operations.

The implementation time for an AI solution varies depending on the complexity of the project and the specific needs of the business. Typically, the process can range from a few weeks to several months, including consultancy, development, integration, and training phases.

We provide comprehensive post-deployment support, including ongoing maintenance, updates, and training. Our team is always available to ensure your AI solutions continue to meet your evolving business needs and perform optimally.

Get Started

Tell us what you are looking to achieve. Be as functional or technical as you wish. We'll then provide you with a document outlining how we can help and how the project could progress.