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Site Analysis and Optimisation

Site Analysis and Optimisation

Is your website performing at its peak? At Amivo, we specialise in detailed site analysis and optimisation, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to elevate your site's performance, usability, and search engine rankings. From small tweaks in the code to full-scale overhauls, our AI solutions identify critical metrics, resolve technical issues, and optimise your site for peak efficiency. We work on projects of all sizes, ensuring your site not only meets but exceeds industry standards. Let's transform your site's potential into reality.

Speed Optimisation

Speed Optimisation

Reduce load times through comprehensive analysis and code optimisation, enhancing user experience and improving SEO.


  • Comprehensive load time analysis
  • Code and script optimisation
  • Image compression
  • Improved server responses
  • Resource handling optimisation


  • Faster page loads
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Higher user engagement
  • Better SEO rankings
  • Enhanced user experience
SEO Enhancement

SEO Enhancement

Boost your search engine rankings with our AI-powered SEO tools that conduct keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-page optimisation.


  • Automated keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • On-page optimisation
  • SEO audit reports
  • Backlink analysis


  • Higher search rankings
  • Increased organic traffic
  • Improved domain authority
  • Enhanced online visibility
  • Data-driven SEO strategies
UX Improvement

UX Improvement

Enhance user experience by optimising site design and functionality based on detailed user behaviour analysis and feedback.


  • User behaviour analysis
  • Design refinement
  • Improved navigation
  • Enhanced usability
  • Feedback implementation


  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Longer visit durations
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Better accessibility
Security Assurance

Security Assurance

Secure your site with our AI-driven security tools that monitor and address vulnerabilities in real-time, ensuring a secure browsing experience.


  • Continuous monitoring
  • Automated threat detection
  • Regular security updates
  • Compliance checks
  • Detailed security reports


  • Enhanced site security
  • Protected user data
  • Increased user trust
  • Compliance with standards
  • Proactive threat management
Mobile Optimisation

Mobile Optimisation

Ensure your site is fully responsive and performs seamlessly across all mobile devices with our comprehensive mobile optimisation services.


  • Responsive design
  • Mobile-friendly layouts
  • Performance optimisation
  • User experience enhancement
  • Cross-device compatibility


  • Better mobile user experience
  • Higher mobile traffic
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved SEO for mobile
  • Enhanced brand reputation
Custom AI Dashboards

Custom AI Dashboards

Gain real-time insights and monitor key performance indicators with custom AI dashboards tailored to your business needs.


  • Real-time analytics
  • Customisable layouts
  • KPI tracking
  • Data visualisation
  • Automated reports


  • Actionable insights
  • Improved decision-making
  • Efficient KPI monitoring
  • Enhanced data understanding
  • Better business performance
Automated Audits

Automated Audits

Automate your site audits with AI tools that continually assess performance, security, and SEO, providing comprehensive reports.


  • Automated site assessment
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Comprehensive audit reports
  • Performance metrics
  • SEO analysis


  • Ongoing site optimisation
  • Proactive issue resolution
  • Better site health
  • Efficient auditing process
  • Improved performance metrics
Data Analysis Tools

Data Analysis Tools

Utilise our advanced data analysis tools to gain deep insights into user behaviour, site performance, and optimisation opportunities.


  • User behaviour analysis
  • Performance metrics
  • Optimisation suggestions
  • Data visualisation
  • Custom reports


  • In-depth insights
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Improved site performance
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Targeted optimisation

Current Challenges

Facing slow load times, decreased user engagement, or poor search engine rankings? We understand your pain points and are here to solve them.

Slow Load

A slow-loading site can frustrate users and lead to higher bounce rates. The first step in optimising a site is tackling load times by analysing server responses, code efficiency, and content delivery networks.

Lagging SEO

Struggling with low search engine rankings despite quality content? Comprehensive keyword analysis and technical SEO audits can uncover hidden issues and opportunities for optimisation.

Poor UX

User experience is key. A complicated navigation or non-intuitive interface can turn visitors away. By assessing user behaviour and design, we can enhance the UI/UX of your site.

Security Issues

Security vulnerabilities can compromise your site's integrity and user trust. Regular security audits and updates are crucial to protect against potential threats and ensure a safe browsing experience.

Mobile Optimization

In an age where mobile browsing surpasses desktop, non-optimised mobile performance can lose you a significant audience. Our mobile optimisation services ensure your site is responsive and seamless across all devices.

If you want your business to sail over these challenges with modern software solutions, then request information or a quote. Our expert AI consultants are here to advise you on the best way to integrate solutions into your business to improve your departments and use of data.

The above challenges can drastically impact your site's performance and user engagement. At Amivo, we provide detailed site audits and AI-powered solutions to address these pain points, ensuring your site is fast, secure, user-friendly, and optimised for search engines.

Our Capabilities

Amivo offers an extensive range of site analysis and optimisation services. Our team employs manual methods and AI-driven technologies to elevate your site's performance.

Task Manual Method AI Method
Load Time Manually evaluate your site's load time by analysing server responses, script execution, and image compression to identify bottlenecks. Our AI tools automatically detect and optimise slow-loading elements, improving server responses and resource handling to enhance overall load times.
SEO Audit Conduct a thorough manual SEO audit by reviewing on-page factors, backlinks, and keyword density to enhance search engine visibility. Utilise AI-driven SEO tools to automate keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-page optimisation, improving your search engine rankings effortlessly.
UX Design Manually review site design and functionality, taking user feedback into account to refine navigation and improve usability. Leverage AI to analyse user behaviour and interaction patterns, providing data-driven insights to enhance the overall user experience.
Security Audit Manually perform security audits by reviewing code, checking for vulnerabilities, and ensuring compliance with best practices. Implement AI-powered security tools to continuously monitor and automatically address potential threats, securing your site round the clock.
Mobile Responsiveness Manually test mobile responsiveness by reviewing site performance across various devices and screen sizes, adjusting layout and functionality accordingly. AI tools dynamically adjust and optimise your website for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and responsive experience on all screen sizes.

Success Stories

Optimisation Triumph

A client in the e-commerce sector faced significant challenges with slow load times and poor SEO rankings. After a comprehensive site audit and optimisation process using our AI tools, they saw a noticeable improvement in their site's performance. Page load times were reduced by 40%, and their SEO rankings increased significantly, leading to a 30% boost in organic traffic. The improved user experience also drove higher engagement and conversion rates.

UX Enhancement Surprise

A large corporation sought to revitalise their outdated website, which had a complicated navigation and poor user interface. By leveraging our user behaviour analysis tools and implementing design refinements, we transformed their site into a user-friendly platform. The overall user satisfaction surged, reducing bounce rates by 25% and increasing average session durations by 50%, ultimately leading to a substantial rise in their online revenue.

ROI Benefits

Investing in site analysis and optimisation yields significant returns. See how different aspects of our services can enhance your ROI.

Increased Traffic

Our SEO and performance optimisation services drive more traffic to your site, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

User Satisfaction

By improving user experience, your site retains more visitors, encouraging repeat visits and fostering brand loyalty.

Operational Efficiency

Automated audits and AI-driven tools streamline your site management, reducing the time and resources needed for maintenance.

Enhanced Security

Proactive security measures protect your site from threats, preventing data breaches and maintaining user trust.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Amivo for your site analysis and optimisation needs guarantees a partnership with experts who prioritise your success.

Expert Team

Our team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in coding, AI, and business analysis, ensuring top-notch service delivery.

Cutting-edge AI

We utilise the latest AI technologies to provide accurate, efficient, and effective site analysis and optimisation solutions.

Custom Solutions

We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring that your business objectives are met with precision.

Proven Results

Our success stories and client testimonials speak to the tangible improvements we've achieved for businesses across various industries.

Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support and maintenance, ensuring your site remains optimised and performing at its best.

Implementation Steps

Our implementation process is structured to offer seamless integration from consultancy to deployment. Here's how we do it.



We begin with an initial consultation to understand your site's challenges and requirements. Our experts provide tailored advice and recommendations.



A thorough site assessment is conducted to identify key areas for improvement, leveraging both manual reviews and AI tools.



Based on the assessment, we develop a customised optimisation plan, implementing code enhancements, design refinements, and AI-driven solutions.



Our team integrates the optimisation solutions seamlessly into your existing site infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption.



Upon completion, we deploy the optimised site, monitoring performance and addressing any issues that arise to ensure a smooth transition.



We provide comprehensive training for your team, equipping them with the knowledge to manage and maintain the improved site effectively.



Ongoing support and regular updates ensure your site remains optimised, secure, and aligned with the latest industry standards.


Have questions about our site analysis and optimisation services? We've got you covered. Here are some commonly asked questions.

Site analysis is the process of evaluating the various aspects of a website, including performance, SEO, user experience, and security, to identify areas for improvement.

Optimisation is crucial for enhancing site performance, improving user experience, increasing traffic, boosting search engine rankings, and ensuring security. It helps maintain a competitive edge by offering a seamless user experience.

The duration of an optimisation project varies depending on the site's complexity and the scope of the work required. Typically, it can range from a few weeks to several months.

Our team ensures minimal disruption during the optimisation process by scheduling updates during low-traffic periods. Any necessary downtime is communicated in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Regular site optimisation is recommended to maintain performance and adapt to changing industry standards, user behaviours, and technological advancements. Quarterly reviews and updates are generally effective.

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