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Personalized Shopping Recommendations

Personalised Shopping Recommendations

At Amivo, we're dedicated to revolutionising retail with personalised shopping recommendations powered by AI. We offer bespoke solutions to predict user preferences, deliver tailored shopping experiences, and drive higher engagement and conversion rates. Whether it's automating your recommendation engine or integrating real-time personalisation into your e-commerce platform, we help retailers stay ahead of the competition. By leveraging advanced data analysis and custom AI dashboards, we empower businesses to understand and optimise their operations, delivering actionable insights that enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

User Insights

User Insights

Gain deep understanding of your customers' preferences and behaviours with AI-driven insights, enabling you to tailor your offerings to meet their exact needs.


  • Real-time data analysis
  • Behavioural pattern identification
  • Customised insights reports
  • Predictive analytics
  • Enhanced customer profiling


  • Better customer understanding
  • Informed business decisions
  • Personalised marketing
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Increased revenue potential
Product Recommendations

Product Recommendations

Utilise AI to provide personalised product recommendations, increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates.


  • Dynamic recommendation engine
  • Personalised product lists
  • Real-time updates
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Upselling suggestions


  • Higher conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Increased average order value
  • Reduced bounce rates
  • Improved customer retention
Customer Retention

Customer Retention

Boost customer retention with AI-driven strategies that keep your customers coming back for more.


  • Personalised engagement
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty program integration
  • Real-time feedback analysis
  • Predictive retention models


  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher lifetime value
  • Enhanced brand reputation
  • Reduced churn rates
  • Optimised retention strategies
Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Implement AI-powered dynamic pricing strategies to optimise sales and revenue based on real-time data.


  • Real-time price adjustment
  • Demand forecasting
  • Competitor price monitoring
  • Margin optimisation
  • Automated pricing rules


  • Increased sales
  • Maximised revenue
  • Competitive pricing
  • Optimised margins
  • Improved profitability
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory management with AI to reduce costs, avoid stockouts, and maintain optimal inventory levels.


  • Real-time stock monitoring
  • Demand prediction
  • Automatic reordering
  • Inventory level optimisation
  • Reduced holding costs


  • Lower operational costs
  • Better inventory control
  • Increased stock turnover
  • Reduced stockouts
  • Optimised supply chain
Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Enhance customer experience with AI-driven personalisation across all touchpoints in the shopping journey.


  • Personalised recommendations
  • Customised promotions
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Real-time assistance
  • Ongoing engagement


  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased loyalty
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Enhanced brand experience
  • Better customer insights
Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Leverage AI for accurate sales forecasting, allowing you to plan and execute better business strategies.


  • Predictive analytics
  • Trend identification
  • Seasonal adjustment
  • Market analysis
  • Automated reporting


  • Better business planning
  • Optimised inventory management
  • Improved resource allocation
  • Increased sales predictability
  • Enhanced decision-making
Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Utilise AI-driven marketing analytics to understand campaign performance and improve marketing strategies.


  • Campaign performance analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing ROI tracking
  • Predictive modelling
  • Custom reports


  • Optimised marketing spend
  • Targeted campaigns
  • Better customer insights
  • Increased marketing ROI
  • Improved campaign effectiveness

Retail Challenges

Are you struggling with low customer engagement and conversion rates? Amivo can help.

Low Engagement

Are your customers disengaged? Many retailers find that generic product listings fail to capture customer interest, resulting in low engagement and high bounce rates.

Poor Conversions

Struggling with low sales? Without personalised recommendations, customers are less likely to make purchases, leading to poor conversion rates and stagnant revenue growth.

High Returns

Dealing with high return rates? When customers receive irrelevant product suggestions, they're likely to return items, leading to increased operational costs.

Customer Frustration

Facing customer frustration? A lack of personalisation can frustrate customers who have to sift through irrelevant products, reducing their overall satisfaction.

Competitive Pressure

Feeling the heat from competitors? Retailers not leveraging AI-powered recommendations risk falling behind more innovative competitors offering better customer experiences.

If you want your business to sail over these challenges with modern software solutions, then request information or a quote. Our expert AI consultants are here to advise you on the best way to integrate solutions into your business to improve your departments and use of data.

Retailers face significant challenges such as low engagement, poor conversions, high returns, customer frustration, and intense competitive pressure. Amivo's AI-powered personalised shopping recommendations address these issues head-on, transforming your customer interactions and business outcomes.

Our Capabilities

Discover how Amivo's AI solutions can transform your retail operations.

Task Manual Method AI Method
User Preferences Manually analysing user preferences involves team members examining browsing and purchase history to infer customer interests, which is both time-consuming and often inaccurate. With AI, algorithms analyse vast amounts of data in real-time, accurately identifying user preferences and predicting future behaviours to deliver highly relevant recommendations.
Product Recommendations Traditional methods rely on static lists or employee intuition to recommend products, which often results in generic and less effective suggestions. AI uses machine learning to dynamically generate personalised product recommendations, ensuring each customer sees items tailored to their unique preferences.
Customer Insights Gaining customer insights manually involves surveys and feedback forms, which provide limited and often delayed information. AI-driven analytics provide real-time customer insights, allowing retailers to understand purchasing patterns and preferences instantly, leading to more informed business decisions.
Dynamic Pricing Manually adjusting prices is slow and often reactionary, based on outdated data or broad market trends. AI enables dynamic pricing strategies, adjusting prices in real-time based on demand, customer behaviour, and market conditions, maximising revenue potential.
Inventory Management Traditional inventory management can result in overstock or stockouts due to lack of real-time data and predictive insights. AI optimises inventory management by predicting demand and adjusting stock levels in real-time, reducing costs and ensuring product availability.

Success Stories

Boosting Conversions

A major online retailer approached Amivo to enhance their sales conversion rate. They were struggling with low engagement and high bounce rates. After implementing our AI-powered personalised product recommendation engine, they saw a significant improvement. By analysing user data in real time, our AI system delivered highly relevant product suggestions to each user. As a result, engagement levels increased by 30%, and the conversion rate spiked by 25%. Additionally, the average order value saw a 15% increase, solidifying the success of the implementation.

Reducing Returns

Amivo worked with a fashion retailer plagued by high return rates due to irrelevant product recommendations. By deploying a tailored AI solution, we were able to analyse customer preferences more accurately and provide better product suggestions. Within three months, the return rate dropped by 20%. Customers were more satisfied with their purchases, leading to higher retention rates and lower operational costs. The retailer's bottom line improved, and they gained a competitive edge in the market.


Understanding the ROI of implementing AI-driven personalised shopping recommendations is crucial for any retailer.

Sales Increase

Implementing AI-driven personalised shopping recommendations directly correlates with increased sales. Customers exposed to relevant product suggestions are more likely to make purchases, boosting overall sales.

Cost Reduction

AI solutions reduce operational costs by automating tasks such as inventory management and dynamic pricing, allowing retailers to allocate their resources more efficiently.

Enhanced Loyalty

Providing a personalised shopping experience increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Satisfied customers are likely to return and make repeat purchases, driving long-term revenue growth.

Better Insights

AI provides deeper insights into customer behaviour and preferences, enabling retailers to make more informed decisions that drive business success.

Why Choose Us

Choosing Amivo for your personalised shopping recommendations ensures you receive the best AI solutions tailored to your business needs.


Our team comprises experts in AI, coding, and business analysis, ensuring we deliver top-notch solutions to our clients.

Custom Solutions

We offer bespoke AI solutions, customised to fit your specific business requirements and goals.

Proven Results

Our proven track record of enhancing engagement, conversion rates, and overall customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

Comprehensive Approach

From initial consultancy to implementation and ongoing support, we provide a comprehensive service to ensure your success.


We stay at the forefront of AI and emerging technologies, helping you stay ahead of the competition.


Our implementation process is thorough, covering consultancy, assessment, development, integration, deployment, training, support, and ongoing maintenance.



We begin by understanding your needs and challenges, allowing us to tailor our solutions to your specific requirements.



We conduct a thorough assessment of your current systems and processes to identify opportunities for improvement.



Our team of expert coders develops bespoke AI solutions designed to meet your business goals.



We seamlessly integrate our AI solutions into your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition.



Our deployment process is efficient and minimally disruptive, allowing you to start using our solutions quickly.



We provide comprehensive training to ensure your team is fully equipped to utilise our AI solutions effectively.



Our support team is always available to assist with any issues and ensure your operations run smoothly.


Find answers to your questions about our AI-driven personalised shopping recommendations.

AI improves recommendations by analysing vast amounts of user data in real-time. This allows for accurate predictions of user preferences, ensuring that each customer receives relevant product suggestions that are likely to result in purchases.

The benefits of AI-driven personalised shopping recommendations include increased engagement, higher conversion rates, better customer satisfaction, reduced return rates, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Yes, our implementation process is designed to be seamless and minimally disruptive. We handle everything from initial consultancy to deployment, training, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.

Absolutely. Our AI solutions are fully customisable to fit your specific business needs and goals. We work closely with you to develop and implement a solution that addresses your unique challenges.

We offer comprehensive support, including training for your team, regular updates, and ongoing maintenance. Our support team is also available to assist with any issues that may arise, ensuring your systems operate smoothly.

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