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AI solutions tailored to fit your unique needs.

Since 2023, Amivo has specialized in delivering tailored AI solutions that align with the unique requirements of your organization. We help businesses automate specific tasks and handle complex multi-task projects by developing bespoke AI solutions. Leveraging the best technologies and methodologies, we ensure that our solutions provide tangible benefits. From AI-integrated mobile applications to efficient inventory management systems, our offerings are designed to drive growth and efficiency.

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Automated Business Process Management (ABPM)

Our ABPM services streamline operations by automating routine tasks, such as HR processes, financial functions, customer service, and supply chain management. This allows your team to focus on strategic growth initiatives.

Intelligent Data Analysis Tools

Transform your data into actionable insights with our advanced data analysis tools. From predictive analytics for market trends and risk management to customized analytics solutions, we help you harness the power of your data.

Custom AI Dashboards for KPI Tracking

Monitor your performance metrics in real-time with our custom AI dashboards. Designed for automatic anomaly detection and customizable reporting, these tools help you make informed decisions swiftly.

End-to-End Service

We manage the entire lifecycle of your AI projects, from initial readiness audits to ongoing support and maintenance. Our comprehensive approach ensures seamless implementation and continuous optimization.

Our team at Amivo brings a wealth of experience in multiple programming languages, databases, and environments. We utilize tools like Python, JavaScript, PHP, React Native, Kotlin, Flutter, Swift, and OpenAI to deliver superior AI solutions. Our diverse technological expertise ensures that we can tackle any project, regardless of its complexity. Additionally, we adhere to industry standards and best practices, ensuring that every solution we develop is both robust and scalable. By choosing Amivo, you're partnering with a team committed to leveraging the latest technologies to drive your business forward.

Scalable Solutions

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Our Unique Approach

Client-Centric Focus

At Amivo, we put your specific needs at the forefront of every project, ensuring that our AI solutions provide tangible results that enhance efficiency and drive growth.

Agile and Prince2 Methodologies

Our efficient project management and delivery are guided by Agile and Prince2 methodologies, ensuring we meet deadlines and stay within budget without compromising quality.

Expert Guidance

Led by a seasoned technical project manager with extensive experience in AI and related fields, our team offers expert guidance throughout the project lifecycle, ensuring success at every stage.

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Comprehensive AI Services

Our comprehensive suite of services includes Automated Business Process Management (ABPM), intelligent data analysis, and custom AI dashboards for real-time KPI tracking. We help businesses streamline operations and focus on strategic growth by automating routine tasks. Our intelligent data analysis tools transform data into actionable insights, giving you a competitive edge. With custom AI dashboards, businesses can monitor performance metrics in real-time, detect anomalies, and make informed decisions. Explore our range of services to see how Amivo can help your business thrive.

Client Success Stories

Our clients' success is a testament to the effectiveness of our AI solutions. We have helped numerous businesses transform their operations, uncover new opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth. From streamlining HR processes to leveraging predictive analytics for market trend analysis, our solutions have had a profound impact across various industries. Visit our Case Studies Overview page to read more about the tangible benefits our clients have experienced and see why Amivo is the partner of choice for businesses looking to harness the power of AI.

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Amivo transformed our operations with their AI solutions. The tailored approach and ongoing support they provide are unparalleled.

The real-time KPI dashboards developed by Amivo have revolutionized our decision-making process, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.

Thanks to Amivo's expert team, we now have streamlined HR and customer service processes, freeing up valuable resources for strategic growth.

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