Pricing - Amivo Marketing

Basic Website

£ 1.2k-2.5k
  • 5-10 pages
  • Including Database
  • Free Domain and Hosting (1 yr)
  • 10 Email Addresses

Mid Range Website

£ 3.4k-14.5k
  • 20-100 pages
  • Including Database, optional ecommerce etc
  • Free Domain And Hosting (1 Yr)
  • Unlimited Emails

Standard Rates

£ 50 /hour
  • SEO Campaigns
  • Design Work
  • Software Development
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Ai Business Automation

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A great website combines visually appealing design, easy navigation, engaging content, and responsiveness across various devices while providing a seamless user experience and achieving the desired business objectives.

When starting a new project, some questions we might ask a client include: What is the ultimate goal of the project? Can you provide examples of design styles you like? Are there any specific features or functionality you require? What is your timeline and budget for this project?

Our creative process involves understanding the client’s vision and goals, researching industry trends, brainstorming concepts and ideas, designing and refining prototypes, testing for usability and performance, and ultimately delivering a high-quality product that meets the client’s needs.

Information we need from a client before starting work includes their goals, target audience, preferences in design style, project timeline, budget, and any specific requirements or restrictions.

What we love most about our job is the opportunity to be creative, solve complex problems, and watch the impact our work makes on client’s businesses and their success.

We started our own business to have the freedom and flexibility to innovate and provide the best possible services to our clients, while allowing us to grow and continuously improve our skills.

Clients should choose our agency because we consistently deliver high-quality, user-centric work that achieves outstanding results while providing exceptional customer service, communication, and support throughout the project.

Yes, we can provide our services online or remotely. We utilize various tools and platforms for communication, project management, and collaboration to ensure seamless and efficient remote work.